How do I Fix Error 0x80070017?


The error 0X80070017 occurs when you install or update your pc window. This error doesn't fix the error of restoring your pc.

So this blog post you guys will learn about how to fix error code 0x80070017.

Top 4 Ways to Fix Error code0x80070071

1. Disable antivirus program 

When see that error code appears should first disable the antivirus at that point only. As the error due to the cross-connection b/w window and antivirus

By this method, if your error issue is solved then you should upgrade your window.

And if the problem is not solved then took some other solution to solve it.


2. Update your troubleshooter

1. Click on the win option for window setting and then there will be an option for update and security symbol

2. In that symbol you will see a button of troubleshooting press on that and the. See an option of window update on the top right side press on that. Then double tick on run troubleshoot.

3. Then the troubleshooter will see the issue you are facing on your pc.

4. Then follow all the guidelines shown on the pc.

5. Then I hope your windows installation error 0x80070017 will solve.


3. Rest window 

Maybe your window update component is not working that's the reason the error is coming. But you can resolve this problem by reseating

1. In the search options search for the run as administrator

2. Then you will see a prompt window so in this you have to put commands by step by step only don't forget to miss one.

  • net stop wuauserv

  • net stop cryptic

  • net stop bits

  • net stop msiserver

  • Ren C: WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

  • Ren C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.old

  • net start wuauserv

  • net start cryptic

  • net start bits

  • net start msiserver

By doing this your error will be fixed successfully and your window update-related problem will also be solved.


4. Install Windows via Flash Stick

As the optical drive can go harsh for your window as it will not be able to read all the content from your window and leading to error code 0x80070071

You can solve this problem by bringing the window iso to a flash drive for a drive bootable. and you can create a bootable USB also by the window media creation tool.