How do I Fix Gmail Not Receiving Verification Code?

If you have a Google account then Google provides you with a lot of facilities. Be it on a computer or a mobile phone Google has given its customers an array of services. Being an account holder with Google you also know that they are very strict with their verification and privacy policies. Google uses two-step verification to protect the safety of its users. 

One of the steps of this verification process of Google is the recovery code that they send through a text. But a lot of users complain about not getting Google verification code if they receive it then it doesn’t work. This could be due to many reasons but the problem is not very hard to fix. Read our guide and use the given methods to resolve your issue. 

Reasons for not getting the Code

There could be a lot of reasons for you to not receive your recovery code. If you are wondering why Google not sending verification code to phone then don’t worry. Follow the following instructions to rectify this issue.

  • Make sure that you are asking for the recovery code on the mobile number that is linked to your Google Account. Asking for the verification code on any different device would not work. 
  • To get the Google recovery code, you have to ensure that you have a good network connection. A Network connection is important when receiving a text message too.
  • Waiting for a few minutes could also work because sometimes due to outages and disruptions it may take a few moments to receive the recovery code. 

Why is Google account not working?

Sometimes after getting the code, it may not work and you began to worry. Here we will also tell you various ways to check why tour Google recovery code is not helping you to access your account. Some of the reasons for this issue could be:

  • It can happen because of the syncing problems with your mobile or computer.
  • It may happen if you have used the code a lot of times.
  • Recheck the code because an incorrect verification code won’t work for you.
  • You may not focus but the caps lock of your keyboard could be opened which makes it difficult for you to use the code.

Different ways if Google account recovery is not working

  • If Google verification code not received then, check if your device is correctly synced with the Google account. 
  • You need to confirm the code for using it. It won’t work if you have not confirmed on the device after receiving the code. 

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