How to fix Snapchat Not loading Snaps 2022?

Snapchat is an app where people enjoy sharing their photos, videos and snaps with their friends. The app has many users and is quite famous but it is also no surprise that many people face different Snapchat issues while using it.

So in this guide, we are going to focus on one particular problem that is very common with snapchat. Snapchat sometimes doesn’t load any snaps or stories uploaded by their friends. So, take a look at the blog to see how you can fix this issue. 

Common Troubleshooting methods to fix Snapchat issue

  1. Restart your device

One of the most common method that you can use when snapchat won’ load snaps is to restart your mobile phone. This method is very simple so people usually skip it but let me tell you that this method is very useful. 

  1. Give permission to the app

Another reason why snapchat not loading image can be because of the Snapchat settings on your phone. You need to enable the Snapchat settings and allow the app access to media files on your device. 

  1. Clean the Cache Data

Cache and junk files often prevent the proper functioning of any app. So, it is plausible that the app is not loading any images because of too much junk and cache data. We recommend that you clear all of it and then, restart the application. 

 If you are able to fix your issue then, well and good but if you are still having difficulties then, use of website ‘Ityug247’ to know more about Snapchat.