How to Fix Windows Module Installer High CPU Usage Issue

If you are wondering what is Windows modules installer worker; then we should first begin with introducing it. It is an important tool of the PC that helps the PC to go through the windows updates automatically which means on its own. This function is performed as the installer worker works or runs automatically while it is checking or installing any of the Window updates.

Now there are many users who have trouble fixing the issues of the Windows installer modules worker so, without wasting any moment let us move ahead to the ways that can help the users to fix the issue. 

How to fix the Windows Modules Installer worker Issue– 

  1. Removing the folder of Software distribution 

  • First, the users have to disable the windows update temporarily by pressing on Windows + R keys together. 

  • Then you have to type services.msc and then hit the OK button following you have located the windows update service and then click on pause. 

  • Now with the help of the file explorer, the users have to look for C:\Windows after this you have to select the Software distribution option. 

  • Now restart your device and test if the method is working or not.

  1. Restarting the service of windows update 

  • In the windows update tab, the users have to look for the stop button.

After this click on the windows updates again and later by clicking on the start button you can fix the windows worker installer module and start using your PC normally.

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