How to Solve “This webpage is not available” Error in Google Chrome

You can see an error This webpage is not available while loading a webpage on google chrome. We will discuss the main problems regarding this error on the webpage.


This error could be visible because of the problems mentioned below:-


  1.  Check your web address


If you see any error message while loading the webpage on your google chrome windows, it means the web address you have entered is wrong. You should put the web address(URL) in the address bar to make sure the web address is correct or you can also try to open the same webpage on another system connected to the same network. If you can't see the webpage on any computer, check if you're connected to the Internet. If you can’t view the webpage on another network as well, then it means either your network is not working properly or the website URL you’re entering doesn’t exist.



  II.  Check your network connection


One of the main reasons this problem arises is the network issue. The server doesn’t receive any response, so it shows this error. Make sure you’re connected to the correct router and the router is working fine. Also make sure all the cables and wires are not damaged and working fine. Sometimes, there’s an error with the wifi hotspot as well, so check that also.


III. Delete all cookies of google chrome browser


Whenever you visit website cookies (files) will be created by the website you have visited to store information, such as profile or preference for the website. Sometimes a broken cookie file can also cause errors. For that you have to delete cookies to make sure the browser works fine, delete cookies, and also clear all the browsing and site data.

You can try all of the solutions mentioned above, then restart your computer once. I’m sure the error which was visible before will vanish.