Why is My Comcast Email Not Receiving Emails?


If you are facing the problem of Comcast email not receiving Gmail then there might be plenty of reasons behind it which you might want to resolve and this blog is the place for you where you will get all the solutions which you will need. 

So here are the solutions for the problem you are facing – 

  1. First of all you need to go to Gmail and then look for the option saying users and preferences and once you find it you have to click on it. 

  2. After clicking on it you have moved next to the spam filter and then you need to look for the Edit button and click on the edit button. 

  3. After clicking on the edit button you can get done with the Comcast email login settings 

  4. But if the problem still persists you can use a different client email address for your work instead of the Comcast email address so that you can continue with your work. 

Fixing the Comcast IMAP 

  1. For this you need to go the settings first and then you have to go to the passwords and accounts option. 

  2. Once you have clicked on the password and accounts option you have to navigate for the option saying Comcast and then select it. 

  3. Now under the IMAP option you have to select your account and then you need to fill in your password where it says Incoming mail server. 

  4. After filling in the password you need to click on the Done option and then open Outlook to fix Comcast email not receiving


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