Youtube Videos Keep Pausing? Ways to Fix It.

Hurdles while watching videos from your favourite creator, Music or any kind of video can irritate you. 

Same as many users of Youtube have reported this issue "why do YouTube videos keep stopping?" 


We understand what kind of frustration happens when you can't watch your favourite videos.


That's why we are here to rescue you.

So without wasting further time, let us start.

Possible causes of Youtube stops playing or keep pausing.


  • YouTube App Cache.


It has been seen that due to too much cache stored can cause problems such as YouTube stops playing etc.

Clearing Cache is not a very technical task, you can clear cache merely by just heading to Settings>Youtube> Storage> Clear cache.


  • Bad Internet connection


It is evident that if you have a weak and unstable internet connection, it will increase the time of pausing the video as slow internet will not be able to load videos and buffers for a certain period which not only you, can irritate anyone.

  • Auto-Pause Enabled and Remind to take a break


You might have left Auto-Pause and Remind to take a break feature, which is a feature provided by Youtube that allows the videos to pause automatically.

Turn it off to resolve this issue.

  • Faulty Headphone jack


Fault headphone jacks can also arise with this kind of issue like "why does YouTube keep stopping".

You can simply resolve this problem by using a new or different pair of headphones.


  • Due to Third-Party apps, plugins or tweaks


Sometimes due to third parties apps such as safety apps could by mistake can Sus YouTube a hazard.

Make sure that while you are watching YouTube video videos party software is running to interrupt your video time.


  • Maybe the problem is from Youtube's Side.

It's no problem, it doesn't need to be from your side, it is probable that maybe YouTube is at fault.

You can reach out to the YouTube help centre to be sure that this is some kind of issue going on or not.

The takeaway.

By going through the above-mentioned information, now you know why your YouTube video keeps pausing.

We hope we have answered the question of what you are looking for.

Keep enjoying your videos. See ya.