604 Homework (Fourth Marking Period)

Due Wednesday June 22

Write a letter to the incoming sixth graders. In this letter you are giving my new students the inside scoop into sixth grade math. In your letter be sure to include the following:

  •  Ms.Borik's pet peeves
  • Remember to always
  • You are sure to get in trouble if you. . .
  • Ms.Borik loves when. . .
  • Offer two pieces of advice to the new sixth grader.

 Homework #36 Due Monday June 13

  •  Create a pattern of your own. Draw Stages 1-5 and Stage 10 of your pattern. Create a T-chart in which you can represent your data. Refer to your class notes if you need help.
  • You can challenge yourself and go up to stage 100 or beyond. : )

Homework #35 Due Thursday June 2

    • Look up the definitions for stage and stage number as they relate to patterns and algebra.  
  • Work on your Probability Game Project.
  • It is due on June 1. If you have any questions please contact me.
  • You can find a complete set of instructions for this project under Projects on the Homepage.   

 Homework # 34 Due Friday May 20, 2011 

  • Decide the type of carnival game you want to create.
  • In a paragraph discuss how you can determine the probability an event will take place during your game.
    • Example: What is the probability that the person playing your game will win a small prize 

Homework #33 Due Thursday May, 2011
  • Brainstorm ideas for your Carnival Game. Create a list of at least 5 ideas for games. Be ready to discuss the probability involved in each game.  

Homework # 32 Due Wednesday May 18, 2011

  • Skills Practice page 33.  
Homework # 31 due Tuesday May 17, 2011
  • Study Guide and Intervention page 33 

Before the NYS Math Test:  

Get a goodnight's rest

Bring in two # 2  pencils 

Keep repeating: "I will pass the Math State Test!" 

 Homework # 30 Due Tuesday May 10, 2011

  • In your Coach Book answer all of the questions on pages 276-282. Answer the questions on page 283, 285 and 286  

Homework #29 Due Monday May 9, 2011

  •  Complete the entire Part 2 Packet. Make sure that you answer all of the questions completely.
  • Use your Math Inventory List to help you review the topics that you are still having difficulty with in your COACH Book.
  • Remember you earn your grades!! :)

Homework #28 Due Friday May 6, 2011
  • Complete the 2006 Part 2.
  • Make sure that you answer all of the questions completely!! Remember you earn your grades!

 Homework #27 Due Thursday May 5, 2011

  • Look over the 2009 Part 1 Test and the Sample Test Part II that you took over the weekend (Homework # 26) and make corrections on all of the questions that you got wrong. If you are unsure of how to answer a problem use your Handbook or an adult to help you answer the question successfully.


Homework # 25 due Thursday April 28, 2011 

  • Solve the following problems:

    1)      6b+ 8=20                                             

    2)      16=4g+ 6                                                             

    3)      6=2x-10

    4)      x+x=4

    5)      4r-10=6

    6)      8n-6=10

    7)      12=k + 5

    8)      2z- 9 =5

    9)      5x= 3x + 10

    10)   4x + 6 = 14

  • Keep reviewing for the state test!

  • Finish any Part 2 questions that you have not complete yet.

  • Spring Break Assignment Due Wednesday April 27, 2011:

    ·         Answer all of the questions on pages 17-44 in your Coach Practice Test book.

    o   Put your part 1 answers on the bubble sheet.o   You can leave your part 2 answers in the booklet.

    ·         Review the Lessons in your Coach Workbook that you found were your weakest areas.

    For more details about the assignment click on the assignment tab on the homepage 

     Homework #24 Due Friday April 15, 2011

    • Get your vacation homework assignment signed
    • Get your quiz signed
    • Answer the questions on pages 92-94 in the Coach Workbook. 

    Homework #23 Due Thursday April 14, 2011
    • In your Coach book answer questions 1-20 on pages 88-91. Please put your answers on a separate piece of loose-leaf. 

    Homework #22 Due Wednesday April 13, 2011

    • Skills Practice page 28 complete the entire page.
    • Look through your notes and start writing down topics you want to go over 

     Homework #21 Due Tuesday April 12, 2011

    • Study Guide page 28 questions 1-8
    • Study for the quiz tomorrow  

     Weekend Assignment

    Complete the 2008 NYS Math Test. It will be graded and counted as a test.  

    Homework # 19 and #20

    • Complete the worksheets on algebraic equations 

     Homework #18 Due Wednesday April 6 , 2011

    • Study Guide and Intervention page 25 and 27. 
    • In a complete paragraph discuss how the Coordinate Connect Four Game helps strengthen your understanding of plotting points on a coordinate grid.  

    Homework #17 Due Tuesday April 5, 2011
    • Skills Practice page 27 questions 1-22.
    • For those of you who did not hand in the 2007 Part I test make sure that it is in tomorrow.

     Homework #16 Due Monday April 4, 2011

    • Complete the 2007 Sample Test. It will be collected on Monday and graded.

    Homework #15 Due Friday April 1, 2011
    • Complete both part 2 questions. Make sure that you answer the entire question to the best of your ability.  Make sure that you show your work. 


    Homework #14 Due Thursday March 31, 2011
    • Complete both part 2 questions. Make sure that you answer the entire question to the best of your ability. Pretend that someone who is not familiar with math is marking your homework sheet.

     Homework #13 Due Tuesday March 29, 2011

    • Create a study guide that will help you study for your test tomorrow. You need to include all of the formulas that will be on the test as well as an example of each. The formulas you should include are the ones for area, volume and surface area. You should also include the list of perfect squares. A complete list of all of the topics that will be on the test can be found under the announcement section on the homepage.

     Homework #12 Due Monday March 28, 2011

    • Complete the 2005 Sample Test. It will be collected on Monday and graded.
    • Complete the Gallon Man Project. You can click on the Gallon Man link below to see how you should construct your Gallon Man.
    • Gallon Man 

    Homework # 11  Due Friday  March 24, 2011

    • Skills Practice Workbook page 23. Find the surface area of all the figures given 

    Homework # 9  Due Wednesday  March 23, 2011

    • Study Guide and Intervention Workbook page 23. Find the volume of all the figures given. You DO NOT have to find the surface area because we have not learned it yet.

    Homework # 8 Due Tuesday March 22, 2011

    • Complete the entire worksheet on volume. Make sure to show your work. 

    Weekend Assignment due Monday March 21, 2011

    Complete the entire 2006 Math Packet by Monday. Put all of your answers on a separate piece of loose-leaf. It will be graded and count towards your overall average.

    Homework #6 Due Friday March 18, 2011

    • Skils Practice page 22
    • Get your quiz signed  

    Homework # 5 Due Thursday March 17, 2011 

    • Study Guide and Intervention page 22. Complete the entire page. Show your work. 

    Homework # 4 Due Wednesday March 16, 2011 

    • Choose 1:
      • Create a cartoon about pi. Draw it on a piece of computer paper. Make it creative and colorful.
      • Decorate a piece of paper with a pi symbol on it with everything that reminds you of pi. Make it creative and colorful.

    Homework # 3 Due Monday MArch 14, 2011 

    • As a way to celebrate Pi Day on Monday March 14 I would like you to bring to school with you a circular object that we can find the area and circumference of in class. A few examples are a lid to a jar, bottle cap, or C-D. You can bring in a circular object that is edible such as a cookie, pie, cheerios, cereal, or peppermints etc. If you are going to bring in edible treats, please bring in enough for the people at your table. If you want, you can bring in enough treats for the entire class.

       Everyone must bring something circular in to measure on Monday whether it is edible or not.

    Homework #2 Due Friday March 11, 2011

    • Complete your formula pocket guide. Each page should have the formula to find the area of the given shape as well as an example that you need to solve.
    •  You need the following shapes in your pocket guide, square, rectangle, triangle and parallelogram.

     Homework # 1 Due Thursday March 10, 2011:

    • Skills Practice pg 3. Find the area of the figures in questions 1-7.
    • Quiz on Friday: Area of sqaure, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid and triangle.