Barber PE and Health

Week of Nov. 14th through the 18th

We will be having a week of fun games leading up to the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Each class usually has 2 P.E. lessons per week (except for half day Kindergarten and Preschool who only have 1 P.E. day) and 1 Health lesson.  Half day Kindergarten and Preschool do not have Health classes. 

Many games are modified to meet the needs of the grade level playing them.  Usually Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades participate in similar activities and 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades have similar activities.  Sometimes all grade levels are able to participate in the same activities but with small modifications. 

This week all grades will be playing modified versions of the same 2 games.

Lesson 1

Pirates of the Carribean:  We are working on Throwing, Rolling, and Catching skills as well as team work, responsibility, and fair play.

Lesson 2:

Turkey Tag:  This game also works on some Throwing skills as well as fleeing and dodging.

Health Classes

1st grade:  We are working on Growth, Development, and Family Life.  So far we have watched a video on discovery education about what families do together and had a discussion about 6 stages of life-

     Babies       Toddlers      Kids      Teenagers      Adults      Elderly

About what age is each stage and how the things we do change in each stage.

2nd grade and Miss Drakes 3rd grade are taught by Mrs.Baker

3rd grade:   Mental, Emotional and Social Health

So far we have watched a video from Discovery Education called "Don't Pop Your Cork On Mondays!".  The video talks about various sources of stress for adults and kids and how to deal with stressful situations.  At the end of the video there are relaxation techniques that the kids were able to try.

4th grade:   Prevention and control of disease

We started with a short 5 minute animated video from Discovery Education called "The Sneeze".  This video shows kids how germs can be spread from person to person and how germs multiply once they get into our bodies.  We also watched a very short video on YouTube that showed how germs are spread by sneezing and not covering your sneeze. 

5th grade:   Mental, emotional and social health

We started out this unit in a fun way by watching, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!".  Anyone who is familiar with Charlie Brown knows that he has some emotional issues.  We relate this to health by discussing how Charlie Brown 



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