Guidelines for a successful year

The Staten Island School of Civic Leadership, P.S. 861


 Rose Kerr – Principal 

Donna Nilsen- Assistant Principal


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 

     Welcome to the Staten Island School of Civic Leadership, P.S. 861!  I hope you had an enjoyable summer.  The following is a set of guidelines for your child to ensure that he/she has a successful year.  


Classroom Rules:

  1. Enter the room quietly and sit in your assigned seat
  2. Copy all the notes that are on the board each day
  3. All class work must have a school heading
  4. The use of pens is not permitted. Everything must be written in pencil
  5. It is your responsibility to make up any missing work when you are absent
  6. No chewing gum in class.  No eating/drinking in class
  7. No electronic devices of any type in class
  8. All tests must be signed and returned the next day

Homework Policy:


Homework will be assigned on a nightly basis and will be posted on It is your child's responsibility to complete all homework assignments and hand them in on the following day. I understand that there will be times when your child will not be able to complete the homework assignment due to family emergency, a sickness, or other unexpected happenings. If that is the case, please have your child bring in a note the following day indicating why the homework assignment was not completed. They are responsible for making up the homework the following night or they will lose points on their homework grade.


As a reward and motivation for doing homework throughout the entire week, there will be "Homework Free Fridays" that the students will be able to earn throughout the entire school year.




If your child is absent, they must bring a written excuse with them upon their return to school, and if they have seen a doctor a doctor’s note.  Attendance is important. What we do in class involves active participation, it is very important that your child attends each day. However, I do realize that sickness, family emergencies, and doctor’s appointments do occur. 




Ms.Borik- 6th grade Math Teacher