Curriculum Expectations for Term 1

Language Expectations for Term 1 

Oral Communications:  1e4 Purpose - identify purposes for listening in a few different situations, formal and informal. (e.g., to hear the sounds of language in songs, chants, and poems; to interact socially with classmates; to enjoy and understand a story read aloud by the teacher; to follow simple directions in large- and small-group settings; to exchange ideas with a peer in a paired sharing or small group) 

Reading:  1e42 begin to identify, with support and direction, a few strategies they found helpful before, during, and after reading.  Teacher prompts: “What do you do to get ready to read a new text?” “What do you do if your reading doesn’t make sense to you?” “When you come to a word you don’t know, what do you do?” “What strategies help you the most when you are reading?” 

Writing:  1e48 Purpose and Audience - identify the topic, purpose, audience, and form for writing, initially with support and direction. (e.g., a personal recount of a past experience, including pictures, to share with family or friends; an “All About the Seasons” book for the class library; labels and captions for a pictograph to share findings with a group after a math investigation) Teacher prompts: “What is your writing about?” “Why are you writing?” “Whom are you writing for?” 

Media Literacy:  1e77 Purpose and Audience - identify the purpose and intended audience of some simple media texts. (e.g., this movie tells a story to entertain children; this sign gives information to travellers) Teacher prompt: “Who would watch/listen to this? Why?”

Math Expectations for Term 1

Number Sense & Numeration:  1m17 – estimate the number of objects in a set, and check by counting. (e.g., "I guessed that there were 20 cubes in the pile. I counted them and there were only 17cubes. 17 is close to 20.") 

Patterning & Algebra:  1m60 – identify, describe, and extend, through investigation, geometric repeating patterns involving one attribute (e.g., colour, size, shape, thickness, orientation). 

Data Management & Probability:  1m72 – demonstrate an ability to organize objects into categories by sorting and classifying objects using one attribute (e.g., colour, size), and by describing informal sorting experiences (e.g., helping to put away groceries). (Sample problem: Sort a collection of attribute blocks by colour. Re-sort the same collection by shape.)

Social Studies

Relationships, Rules & Responsibilities:  1z1 - identify people with whom they have significant relationships, and the rules and responsibilities associated with people, places, and events in their lives and communities.


Daily & Seasonal Changes:  1s58 - assess the impact of daily and seasonal changes on living things, including humans. 

Energy in Our Lives:  1s41 - investigate how different types of energy are used in daily life.

The Arts

Visual Arts:  1a26 - use the elements of design (colour, line, shape, form, space, texture), in ways appropriate for this grade, when producing and responding to works of art. 

Drama & Dance:  1a48 - solve problems in everyday situations through role playing and movement in drama and dance.