Current Topic of Study

We are currently studying Inheritance and Genetics

Relevant Vocabulary:

  • gene - carries genetic information
  • DNA - a set of instructions for an organism
  • trait - a characteristic passed from parent to offspring
  • allele- varieties of a gene (ex: brown eye vs. blue eye)
  • genotype - the alleles found on a gene (BB, Bb, or bb)
  • phenotype - the allele that is expressed in what we see (the brown eye or the blue eye)
  • dominant - the allele that is always expressed in the phenotype; expressed by a capital letter (ex: BB or Bb)
  • recessive-  this allele is only expressed phenotypically when there are two together; expressed by a lower case letter (ex: bb for blue eyes)
  • heterozygous - alleles are different (ex: Bb)
  • homozygous - alleles are the same (ex: BB or bb)
  • incomplete dominance - both alleles are equally dominant therefor, they combine in the phenotype (a red flower "R" and a white flower "W" combine to make a pink flower "RW")
  • hybrid - always heterozygous
  • purebred - always homozygous