About Ms. Rogers

Ms. Rogers hails from Supply, NC where she trained with Inspirations Dance Centre, under the direction of Shiloh Ransom.  She also trained for a brief time at the now University of North Carolina School of the Arts at age 14.  She recently graduate from Appalachian State University in May of 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Studies. 

She performed in multiple Appalachian Dance Ensembles, two of which she performed for guests artists Roger Belman and the late Jan Van Dyke.  Most recently she performed as an Apprentice in the SG Ballet Theatre under the direction of Sayward Grindley.  She, additionally, has choreographed for the 2014 FADE, the Appalachian Momentum Showcase and for the SG Ballet Theatre premiere show. Ms. Rogers has experience choreographing solos and group dances for studios. She has also worked with an acapella group, Treble Attraction, with aspects of performance for the annual show, Acapellageddon.