English 3Hd


E3H  2/26        WEDNESDAY Guidance appt. 7:40  Come to class and we will go down together

1. Brain Boosters 10 min.

2. Misplaced Modifiers quiz review. 10 min.

3. Sentence Fragments (blue side of scantron) YOU MAY USE PF Sheets. 15 min.

     MODIFIERS. Additional activity + highlight support details for a main idea (if incomplete, finish at home)

5. Laptops:    DID YOU FINISH THE SAT PRACTICE (paper test)? 

___     VOCAB.COM   SAT… Language of the Test  QUIZ on LINE
This is so important. You will take another quiz on Friday (with JAM)

            ___     VOCAB.COM   OWL practice and spelling LAST CHANCE (by Sunday)

            ___     ACHIEVE: Must have MOZART EFFECT

            ___     COMMON LIT:  Make sure all past due are completed.
            Wed. we will   look at model short answers. I will release scores
            If you have not finished, way too late. Take the heat.

                        NEW ASSIGNMENT:   Due 2/28 (Wednesday next) Common Lit

                                    CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR  (by 2/28)

Wed.   GUIDANCE. Review short answers from common lit; review sentence fragments; answers to 
             short grammar quiz (SAT practice); begin Short Story.  

H.W.  Khan:

  • Commas and adjectives
  • Meet the apostrophe
  • Apostrophes & plurals
  • Complex and Compound complex sentences
  • Phrase and clause placement
  • Recognizing run-ons and comma splices
  • Phrase and clause placement
  • Frequently confused words - assorted



E3H  2/22

1. Misplaced Modifiers review

2. SAT quiz on modifiers

3. Laptops:    DID YOU FINISH THE SAT PRACTICE (paper test)? 
     Review on Monday. Too late after that

___     VOCAB.COM   SAT… Language of the Test – practice & spelling
    QUIZ on MON.    If late, loses points but Sunday turns into a zero

            ___     VOCAB.COM   OWL practice and spelling LAST CHANCE (by Sunday)

            ___     ACHIEVE: Must have MOZART EFFECT today!

            ___     COMMON LIT:  Make sure all past due are completed

                        NEW ASSIGNMENT:   Due 2/28 (Wednesday next)

                                    CAUSES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR  (by 2/28)


ALL KHAN IS PAST DUE.   New assignment posted Sunday night, due NEXT FRIDAY; same with vocab.com

Next class: review SAT paper; SAT sentences and fragments; jam and quiz on SAT vocabulary







DUE:  3 cited sources 2/7

Vocab_vocabulary of the new SAT   practice, spelling/context bee  due 2/9

Epitaphs due 2/9 (lesson on 2/7)

Khan 2 due 2/9

THIS CONTAINS THE HW as well as day-to-day activities












Lesson 24: Thursday 12/7    E3H
  H.W.  "Scarlet Letter" vocabulary.com due 12/11,  Newsela Article on Hawthorne
  Discussion questions for Puritan (common lit) due today - because of scores, we will have discussion on Monday

1. Main Idea.
2. FSA/SAT/ACT info

3. Test return and review

4. Laptops: finish common.lit  (Midas Touch)

5.Newsela: Article on Nathaniel Hawthorne

6. Book and guiding questions on Monday. Discussion and Khan Academy SAT grammar assignments



Lesson 23: Tuesday 12/5    E3H


1. Text Structure

2. Laptops: sign up for common lit.  www.commonlit.org/code   class code is YWWPG

3. Two assignments: 
     - Puritan Laws and Character
     - The Golden Touch  by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Each has questions. Answer on-line.
4. Vocabulary.com   "The Scarlet Letter" classic retelling. Practice and spelling. 
        Due 12/11  Quiz on 12/11 on vocabulary and "The Golden Touch"st Review.

5. Next class: Review test on Turtle's Back.  Complete common lit. Discussion.



Lesson 19: Monday 11/14    E3H  H.W.  due Wednesday


1. Test Review.

2. Comparisons... writing a text supported paragraph

3. Laptops: complete ACHIEVE.

4. Complete Naviance

5. Vocabulary.com, noredink.com



Lesson 18: Wed 11/9     E3H 

    HW: Read "The World on the Turtle's Back"
                           Complete the Newsela Article "Popul Vuh"   Quiz and WRITE

                           You wil be comparing these two "creation" myths

1. Pop Quiz - oral directions, punctuation formulas and vocabulary

2. Laptops

3. Achieve: The Native American Way of Life: before reading poll, article, activity, after reading poll, thought question, stretch article, stretch activity (clock ticking)

4. Naviance: see directions. Take a look at SAT/ACT info: update Academic Plans, complete career interest profiler.


Lesson 17: Monday 11/7      E3H 

    Packet: Masque of Red Death. No Red Ink: Appositives due 11/9H


1. Review & Thought questions: Masque of Red Death
2. Test on Masque of Red Death (using annotated packet)

3. Figurative Language of E.A. Poe

4. Short response: Choose either Archaeologist reprt or Ballad/Lyric  USING TEXT SUPPORT


Lesson 16: Wednesday 11/1   Hainsworth    E3H 

    HW: take the packet of SATtips and redo them into notes that will work for you. Don't include everything...
              just the things that will help you or that you are not yet fluent in. MINDMAPPING WORKS... try it;
             Also complete           Masque Packet including Avian Flu  TEST NEXT TUESDAY ON STORY

              BINDER CHECK. Stay organized... it's the key to real creativity... it's hard to be creative and productive if
               you can't find what you need.

1. Semi-colon and comma hand-out.  Explanation. Prep for writing SAT section. Sentences and clauses.
2. SAT global community speech by Nelson Mandella. SAT questions (it has the type of questions). Evaluate answers.

3. SAT Reading tips and strategies.  Review together. Each student needs to pull the new, important things out and mindmap or refigure the tips into some sort of review/"cheat" sheet. DO NOT TAKE IT TO THE SAT. LOL


Lesson 15: Monday 10/30    Hainsworth    E3H 

    HW: complete Masque Packet including Avian Flu

              KHAN ACADEMY SAT (on your honor)

1. Short Presentation on Inference
2. SAT #1 - how to approach the reading (in general)

3. The Masque of Red Death. Audio (do a You tube search for "Masque of Red Death + Gabriel Byrne)

4. Partners: using Masque interactive packet and graphic version, annotate... annotate... annotate

   You will have a quiz next Monday on this material... that's almost a week...
    if you annotate properly, you will be awesome

5. Complete your "Figurative Language" from last week

ON WED:  Babylon test review; more SAT reading tips;  Figurative Language review 
            the 12 grammar issues on the SAT; Poe Figurative Language



Lesson 14: Thurs  10/26    Hainsworth    E3H

1. Puzzle.  Then
2. Go to Presentations/Media  
Download the powerpoint on Main idea.
   View it in slideshow. It is interactive. 
   If powerpoint asks you to do something, skip the step.  IMPORTANT

3. NEWSELA.  "Time Machine (1892): Customs of Halloween"  read, quiz, write

4. NEWSELA   "Airbnd Velcomes You to Bran Castle"  read, quiz, 5. 15 minutes on Khan Academy – S.A.T. (next week, some SAT practice)

5. New:  vocabulary.com    Poe_Halloween Hainsworth 

HOMEWORK:  VOCAB and NEWSELA due by the 10/31
NEXT WEEK:   FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE, SAT practice, Edgar A. Poe, Test Review, Folders


  Test on "By the Waters..." 
   analysis and inference; effect, cause & consequences
   Figurative Language  10/17 Lesson 12   HW. Packet completed on "By The Waters of Babylon" - literary analysis
               Due Tues. 10/24     Passive vs Active voice (No Red Ink) past due (10/13)
               QUIZ on story 10/24
                also figurative language on vocabulary.com due (10/20) practice + spelling bee

  2. Are you listening?  Audio response
  3. Story (31 minutes) with interactive reading guide and performance tasks
  4. THURSDAY: discussion        introduction to Puritan thinking

10/13  Lesson 11   
HW due Back of poem figurative language. Vocab.com  Figurative Lang. practice and spelling bee (context)   DUE Thursday 10/19  

Figurative Language


I Sing the Battle                                                            

By Harry Kemp


I SING the song of the great clean guns that belch forth death at will.

"Ah, but the wailing mothers, the lifeless forms and still!"


I sing the song of the billowing flags, the bugles that cry before.

"Ah, but the skeletons flapping rags, the lips that speak no more!"


I sing the clash of bayonets, of sabres that flash and cleave.

"And wilt thou sing the maimed ones, too, that go with pinnedup sleeve?"


I sing acclaimed generals that bring the victory home.

"Ah, but the broken bodies that drip like honey-comb!"


I sing of hosts triumphant, long ranks of marching men.

"And wilt thou sing the shadowy hosts that never march again?"





Review Questions


Directions: Respond to these questions to the best of your ability.  Answer the questions completely.  If you need more space, use the back or a separate sheet.


1.  Identify two examples of personification: explain what is being personified how.


Guns are given the ability to belch.

Bugles are given the ability to cry.


2.  Identify an example of simile: explain which two things are being compared.


Broken bodies are compared to honey-comb using the word "like"


3.  Identify an example of metaphor: explain which two things are being compared.


The guns are described as belching death. In this case bullets are compared to death without using the word "like" or "as."


4.  Find an example of alliteration.  List the alliterative words.


sing song

great guns

broken bodies

marching men

sing shadowy (not really alliterative but I'd give students credit for the response)


5.  Why is every other line contained in quotation marks?  What is the effect of this technique?


Every other line is in quotation marks because there are two speakers in the poem. The two voices are having a dialogue. The first voice boasts of the grandeur and glory of war. The second voice counters each boast made by the first voice with the opposing horrors of war.


6.  In the third stanza of the poem, the speaker references "pinnedup sleeves": why would someone pin their sleeves?  To what is the speaker referring and how do you know? Use evidence from the text.


Someone might pin-up their sleeve if they lost an arm. The speaker is referring to soliders who have lost limbs. I know this because of the word "maimed" and the references to bayonents and sabres in the preceeding line.


7.  What is the mood of this poem?  How does it make you feel and why does it make you feel this way?


This poem seems to express two moods. The first voice speaks highly of war, thus creating a glorious mood. The second voice reveals the terrors of war, which creates a somber or grim mood. Since the second voice gets the last word, and counters every point made by the first voice, the overall mood of the poem would be somber, grim, horrifying, or pacifying.


8.  What is the thematic message of this poem?  In other words, what lesson is the author attempting to express with this poem?  Explain your answer.


10/10  Lesson 10

  1. POST IT. Answer the question in the front.
  2. If you could explore any “frontier” where/when would it be? (rhetorical question)
  4. FAIR TEST. A few of you need to finish
  5. A few of you need to finish the LEVEL SET in Achieve 3000.
    Assignment: in class today - SEARCH FOR IT. ‘’The Lost City” from Collections Selection. Do all the sections.
  6. HW. No Red Ink.  Active and Passive Voice, Part 1. DUE 10/13
  7. Make sure you have done both the PRACTICE and the SPELLING BEE for “By The Rivers of Babylon”
  8. Khan Academy. Work in the “SAT” practice section. Make sure you are set up for a program. How many hours a week will you devote to it?
  9. THURSDAY… short story, audio and mindmaps


10/6 FAIR TEST (Lesson 9)

Lesson 8:  Thursday 9/28 
               HOMEWORK :   Due 10/2 at 7 AM    Noredink.com   SUBJECT-VERB AGREEMENT
                             Due 9/28 at 7 AM  Vocabulary.com Practice: "By the Waters of Babylon"
                             Due 9/29 at 11:59 PM  Vocabulary.com  Spelling Bee "By the Waters of Babylon"
                             Due 9/29 at 3 PM   Noredink.com  PLANNING DIAGNOSTIC (24-36 minutes)                 

  1. Brain Booster   (5)    VIZ puzzle; left side; right  side                      
  2. Analyze grammar SAT section answers
  3. Decide on area of greatest need
  4. Set up mini-lessons... and the winner is Subject-Verb agreement     (SEE NRI HW)


Lesson 7:  Tuesday 9/26 
               HOMEWORK :   Due 9/28 at 7 AM  Vocabulary.com Practice: "By the Waters of Babylon"
                             Due 9/29 at 11:59 PM  Vocabulary.com  Spelling Bee "By the Waters of Babylon"
                             Due 9/29 at 3 PM   Noredink.com  PLANNING DIAGNOSTIC (24-36 minutes)

  1. Brain Booster   (5)                           
  2. Anticipation Guide: short story; quotation sheet   (15)
  3. SAT grammar. Checkpoint 1. Improving Sentences, ID sentence errors, 43 questions in 25 minutes (25)
  4. Vocabulary.com and No Red Ink.   HOMEWORK (40)

Lesson 6:  FSA

Lesson 5:  Tuesday 9/6 (A)

  1. Post-it                            What's the MOST POWERFUL thing I can do (with only a week) to UP my score on FSA?
                                                                               H.W. due 8/31  Vocabulary.com  power prefix
                                                                               H.W. due 9/6 at 2:45   Vocabulary.com  EPAT vocabulary                                                                                                                                            Noredink   "parallel structure"
  • FSASSESSMENTS.ORG    E-PAT. 10th Grade Reading Test. Read on-line. Answer the appropriate questions in
    the packet. We will review each section together. I will show annotated answers on the board.
  • ACHIEVE 3000 - continue until intro assessment is complete

     FSA PREP:  Grammar and Vocabulary

  • RETURN TO NOREDINK.COM   Take the quiz on "Parallel Structure"
                                                           Take the quiz on "Connecting Clauses"
  • VOCABULARY.com - EPAT vocabulary

         3. NEWSELA (on SSO dashboard). Do assigned article.
If you don't get 100%, go to the next lowest lexile level until you do. 


Lesson 4:  Thursday 8/31 (A) - Friday 9/1 (B)

  1. Post-it                            Notebook Check     H.W. due 8/29  was NRI sentences, FSA_CBHS_part 1
                                                                               H.W. due 8/31  Vocabulary.com  power prefix
                                                                               H.W. due 9/6 at 2:45   Vocabulary.com  EPAT vocabulary
                                                                                                                      Noredink   "parallel structure"
  • Introducing the website
  • ACHIEVE 3000 - continue until intro assessment is complete

     FSA PREP:  Grammar and Vocabulary

  • RETURN TO NOREDINK.COM   Do the practice for "Parallel Structure"  
                                                           Take the quiz on "Connecting Clauses"
  • VOCABULARY.com - EPAT vocabulary

         3. NEWSELA (on SSO dashboard). Do assigned article.
If you don't get 100%, go to the next lowest lexile level until you do. 

Lesson 3: Tuesday, August 29th   

  •    Achieve 3000 introductory assessment

  •    Noredink.com    
               - sentences and fragments  due 8/29 at 2:45
               - commas, colons and semi-colons    due: 9/1 at 2:45        

  •    Vocabulary.com   FSA_CBHS_part 1 due 8/29 at 2:45

                                            Power prefix due 8/31 at 2:45

  •    Notebook check on Thursday, 8/31 (in class)