Vocabulary/High Frequency

High Frequency Words:

                         I           Can          My         Me         See      Like      

                       A            the         to             go         play       is

                        and         brown          white         green       yellow

                        red         purple           pink          black        blue


We will be doing "Drill Cards" during the 1st couple weeks of school.  This will help your child with sight words/High Frequency words also.  The cards will include, but not limited to:

  •              Colors and Color words
  •              Numbers and Number words
  •              Upper and lowercase letters
  •              Names of students in our class (when we all say that persons name... he/she will stand up  and start learning when their birthday is)
  •              sight words

Throughout the year,  we will be working on varities of words to build sentences.  The BIG idea we try and get Kindergartners to learn is that, "letters make words & words make sentences".

With all your help as a parent, together we will help your child be the best he/she can be!