Homework Letter

Dear Parents,


Now that we have completed a full month of school I have weeded out what does and does not work as far as homework is concerned.  I have decided that a monthly homework packet placed in your child’s take home folder at the beginning of each month is going to be the best approach.  Included in the packet will be a monthly reading log to track your child’s daily reading, a months worth of math facts, as well as a monthly spelling word activity board.   These papers should stay in their take home folders until the end of the month at which time the reading log is collected and graded.  All math and spelling homework is to be completed in the homework notebook and turned in every Friday for grading.  Please have your child label the day of the week and date on the page to keep track. 

            On the math facts page please ignore the reference to the quiz.  There is no quiz associated with these facts. I am encouraging the mastering of fact fluency. The goal is to have math facts both addition and subtraction within 20 memorized.  It makes the transition to double digit addition and subtraction much easier.

            As for the word study homework, your child will receive spelling words each week on Monday.  Their sort (list) will be glued into their agenda.  Those are the words they are to complete the monthly word activities with.  Please note that there are enough activities for the whole month and to not repeat activities.  In the homework notebook next to the date just list which activity your child chose for that day.

            Homework will still be written in their agendas each day as well as be posted on the class website (mrskoppsclass.us).  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at jmenna@hampton.k12.va.us


Thank you,

Ms. Menna