Devloping as a Professional Educator

Reflecting back on the CSTP Self-Assessment to My Professional Goal 

Describe a professional goal you have for yourself.

Within the next couple years I will strive to collaborate more with teaching professional from within my district.

Why have you identified this as a need or interest? I feel that I can always learn new ways of teaching, classroom management, and differentiating instruction. Different teachers have different ways of teaching and I would like to become as effective and engaging as possible in the classroom.

What actions will you take? 

I will talk with my administration about taking days in the school year to visit other classroom in other high schools.  I will also contact the other art teachers from my district to see if they are willing to share pedagogy strategies.

How will you assess goal Attainment?

I will implement the strategies I liked and see if they were more effective than my prior years as a teacher.

What actions will you take to remain a connected educator?

I will try to collaborate with like minded teachers, I will be open to learning everything I can about teaching art and teaching in general, I will also use all the resource that I can to stay connected.

How will you sustain the energy it takes to stay passionate about students, teaching and learning?

I am going to use some of the resources from edutopia, like finding a buddy.  I have some staff members that I turn to when I have a question and some that I just laugh with.  I also found that if I write down important things it helps keep me going through the year.

Include on Quote from your reflective coach about your talents and strengths.

"Jamie teaches with the love of the discipline of art, and shares that love creatively with her students".

What advice do you have for new teachers?

Take it one day at a time and don't get too overwhelmed.  Talk to other staff members on how to accomplish goals you have set for yourself. Also, don't sweat the small stuff there is too many important things to worry about.


"The best way to predict your future is to create it."  - Abraham Lincoln