Contact Me/Information

Mrs. Jennifer Cameron

Lincoln High School Science Department

135 Old River Rd.

Lincoln, RI 02865

(401) 334-7500  x1183

The best way to reach me:


Even if you would like me to call you, send an email. I do not have an outside phone line in my classroom. Emails go directly to my desktop.


For students who need extra help, I stay after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:00 P.M. Other times may be scheduled by appointment.


Homework is posted on Google classroom. Students must sign into the class to recieve this service. Syllabi, Handouts, and notes will be posted on this website only


Reminders on the remind AP would include test and lab announcements. I do not send reminds for daily homework. Again, students must sign up to recieve these notifications.



Remind and Google Classroom Codes
Class Google Classroom Code Remind Code
A - Honors Chemistry I 2zu4o2 @9g4k3a
B - Chemistry rqkq56 @8c8ca7
C - CP Chemistry igatif @d9h39d
F - CP Chemistry cgk9kqr @dhk83k
G - CP Chemistry 1synvi @g49e42