My name is Justin Villasenor.  I have a Mild/Moderate Credential. I currently work at Brea Olinda High School as an Education Specialist.  This is my 4th year working at Brea Olinda High School.  At our school, we use the push-in model to support our Mild/Moderate students in General Education classroom.  This year I support two classrooms, 10th grade Lit/Comp 2 and 9th grade Lit/Comp 1.  In these classes, I write notes, work with small groups, reteach, and provide a variety of supports in the classroom.  We also have a learning center that our RSP teachers teach a study skills class.  In study skills, we check students for agenda use and organization.  We also assist students with tests or assignments from other classes. 


Why Do I Teach? 


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