Developing as a Professional Educator

A. My overarching goal was to communicate and collaborate with staff, students, and parents.  I am making progress towards my goal and am continually developing new goals.  I have implemented new technology to help support my communication and collaboration goal.  In regards to my initial and final CSTP survey, I have strengthened in the areas engaging and supporting all students in learning, planning instruction and designing a learning experience for all students, and developing as a professional educator.  I would like to continually improve in all areas but a few specific areas to improve would be, creating and maintaining effective environments, understanding and organizing subject matter for student learning, and assessing students for learning.  I think that I have surprised myself by collaborating with the teachers that I support.  Staying after class to talk about how a lesson worked out, planning for the next lesson, and helping to modify or provide insight on our Mild/Moderate students has become easier and more efficient than in the past.  

B. Beyond Induction, my professional goal is to continue to educate myself in various curriculums and to continue to develop tools and strategies to best support, my students.  With our school site using the push-in model, I work with students in all areas and curriculum.  It is important for me to have an understanding of these different curriculums so I may better support my students and staff that I support.  I plan to continue to educate myself through an exchange of knowledge between staff, conferences, professional development, research, and trial and error.  I will asses my goal through various supports and strategies I am able to provide in different areas of curriculum. 

C. To remain connected as an educator, I will continue to be involved in community and school events.  I coach football at my school and plan to continue coaching in the future.  I will also attend various school events such as different sports games, dance performances, and play productions.  I will also attend community events to stay connected to the community that I teach in.  

D. I plan on sustaining the energy it takes to be passionate about students, teaching, and learning by separating my personal and professional lives. I have found that separating the two worlds have decreased my stress levels and allowed me to tackle the next day. I have pictures of my family on my desk and little mementos that students have given me throughout the years and when I am having a tough day looking at them bring me some joy.  I also found coaching football allows me some time spent on competition, motivation, and comradery among coaches and players that act as an escape from the daily grind of work.  These little "breaks" or "escapes" allow me to stay passionate and sustain energy throughout the year. 

E. "Mr. Villasenor is a veteran teacher in the BOHS Special Education Departement whose current assignment includes RSP support and Study SKills.  Justin has assisted the department to function more collaboratively in assisting many students.  Mr. Villasenor should be commended for working with fellow department members to assist with the pregnancy leave of a colleague, supporting the sub for that teacher." 

Jerry Halpin, Principal Brea Olinda High School 

F. Advise I would give a new teacher is patience and planning.  Plan and prioritize your goals so that you are able to accomplish them without overworking yourself or adding too much stress.  Have patience with your students and your colleagues.