Contributing to the Profession

1. Edutopia

Edutopia is a great resource for Teachers.  It offers a wide variety of blogs and articles that can be helpful in all aspects of education.  As a teacher, I am always looking for new ways to improve my practice.  Teachers can learn many things from the articles from issues of testing, cheating, and burnout.   This website is a great way for educators to stay connected and informed. 


2. California Colleges

As an Education Specialist, I assist students transitioning from high school to college and or employment.  I discuss student's interests, likes and dislikes and come up with transition goals in education and employment.  During IEP meetings I also discuss these goals with families and try to assist them in realizing their student's goals.  California Colleges is a great website for students and families to get information about future education and employment.  This website offers information about college requirements, picking the right college, financial aid, and much more.  The website also gives information about career choices.  It offers an interest inventory as well, that populates career choices for students who may be unsure of their employment future. 


3. Coggle

Teaching students with disabilities offer many opportunities to modify or accommodate assignments or instruction.  Using UDL is one way to accommodate students by designing lessons or offering different ways to present material that best suits their needs and interests.  The website coggle was one resource that I used as a note-taking tool.  Coggle uses technology as well as the student's creativity to create notes or mind maps using more than just written words.  Students can use pictures or symbols to represent ideas or concepts.  They can add videos to their notes as a more interactive way to study.  The mind maps are colorful and easy to use and manipulate.