Meet Your Teacher!

All About Mrs. Rankin

Hello!  I am Mrs. Rankin, a fifth grade teacher at Cox Donahey Elementary.  I really enjoy teaching math; math has always been one of my favorite subjects in school ever since I was in elementary school.


I began teaching at Cox Donahey in 2008.  For two years I taught fifth grade language arts, which I really enjoyed.  I have been teaching fifth grade math since 2010.


 I am a graduate of the Brownsville Area School District and also California University of Pennsylvania.  I earned a Bachelor's degree in Administration and Management and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  I am certified in the areas of middle school mathmatics and business/computers/information technology, as well as in elementary education.


My husband and I have four beautiful children. 

Our son Cole is eight years old.  He enjoys sports and video games.  Our daughter Riley is six; her hobbies include dancing and writing stories.  Cole and Riley are both students in the Brownsville Area School District.  Our son Zachary is two years old.  His favorite activity is playing outside.  Our daughter Harper is the baby of the family; she is seven months old.  She likes stroller rides and playing peek-a-boo.