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About Me


My name is Jessica Steiner and I am a graduate student at Duquesne University. I will be graduating in May 2017 with a Master’s of Science in Education and will be certified to teach Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade. In 2013, I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Neuroscience. My educational background has given me the experience to support students academically, emotionally, socially, and developmentally.

As an elementary classroom teacher, it is imperative to teach children at a young age the importance of acceptance. Within my classroom, students will be encouraged to learn about and appreciate the differences in their classmates. Individual learning preferences and levels will also be addressed in my classroom. I will differentiate my lessons in order for the material to be accessible to all students. I will also incorporate various modes of learning that address the individual student’s learning preferences. Incorporating differentiation will help all of my students understand the material presented and be successful within my classroom.

Within my classroom, students will be encouraged to discuss their ideas with others and learn from their peers. I believe education should be a hands-on and active experience. In planning my lessons, I will include activities that require students to interact with their peers in order to help advance their social development.

I am very passionate about education and empowering the minds of young children. As an elementary educator, I understand it is my responsibility to inspire the development of the whole student. Therefore, I will strive to create an educational experience that supports the students’ academic, emotional, social and physical development. My goal as an educator will be to cultivate a love for learning.

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