Fun and Educational Stuff...

Here's some fun and educational stuff for you to do if your students are bored or need to do assignments for me.


* Use this link to reach the web page for online documents.


* To attend mass at St. John's, go to ths site:

* When you can't get to the church for mass, check out Catholic Icing for some great ideas. Link:


* Two tools that can help with Math are i-Ready Online Lessons that provide instruction and practice based on students’ individual needs, and At-Home Activity Packs that provide printable materials aligned to the skills we want them to learn. Link:

* We use XtraMath a couple times a week to practice our math facts. Link:

* Check out this site, ABCYA, for fun and educational games. Link: They have games that are not math too.

* We use this website in the classroom sometimes. Zearn can tailor the activities for your child. Link:

Social Studies

* The creators of National Geographic have designed this site for kids. Link:

Language Arts

* Head over to Audible for free books. To access the free titles, just visit from any web browser. The experience is completely free – no log-ins, credit cards, or passwords required. Just click, stream and listen.

* Into the Book allows students to read passages and test their language arts skills. Link:

* This site, Spelling City, can be used to practice your Spelling words. Link:


* Here's some free STEM activities for kids from NASA. Link: The NASA Facebook page is a good source as well.


* Travel around Mars with this cool sire. Link:


* Mystery Science is a site that I use a lot in the classroom. This is their site to help with distance learning:


* Want to visit the zoo? Check out this site from the San Diego zoo. Link:


* Our very own Space Center has a great site. Link:


* The Museum of Science & Technology in Chicago has a good site to explore. Link:




* The children's magazine online- Highlights! Link:


* Scholastic Magazine has this distance learning site, filled with lots of goodies. Link:


* Students can earn free rice for starving children in the world by answering trivia questions at FreeRice. Link: