Contributing to the Profession

Some of my favorite resources:


Intervention Resources



Newsela is a great program for differnetiated instruction in Reading. It allows teachers to assign the same informational paired passages or articles for students to read at their independent level. After reading, students are assigned comprehension activities that allow the teacher to assess students understanding of their reading. It also integrates technology in the classroom and keeps important data for teachers to use later.


Florida Center for Reading Research

Florida Center for Reading Research is a great resource for K-6 reading intervention strateigies, lessons, and activities. Their comprehensive website has printable activities for each differentiated instruction in all areas of reading. My students love the games and activities.


Math Content Resources



Kahoot is a website that allows teachers to create interactive learning games for any content. Teachers can create learning trivia or quiz games for their students to use in a fun and interactive way in the classroom. This has been a favorite of my students this year. It allows them to use their phones to play or we use iPads to answer the questions and earn points for their team. Super easy and fun! They even have some content area games or quizzes already created to choose from.


Teacher Tube

TeacherTube is the teachers version of YouTube. It allows teachers to access videos that would normally be found on YouTube in a secure site that eliminates innappropriate ads and commercials. It also narrows searches for you to videos that are classified as "educational" in nature. This helps streamline the process of choosing the best content for your lessons. My students love the addition of a video or visual with direct instruction and TeacherTube makes this easier to accomplish on a regular basis.


National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics website provides teachers with practical support in the way of lesson plans, activities, and math resources. They also provide information for teachers on professional development opportunities, standards breakdowns, grant and award opportunities, and professional blogs to keep teachers connected to the larger Math teacher community.