Jackson School Music

2011-2012 Jackson School Music Goals

I see every class 1 time for 40 minutes on a 6 day rotating schedule which equals 30 music classes throughout the year.  During this time we will put on plays, assemblies, and shows for the parents, school and community.

Music is a class that deals with musical concept development, music reading, listening, movement and performance skills.  These various skills are taught through many different musical approaches such as singing, playing, dancing, listening, creating and performing.  Each grade level has its own challenges and expectations. 


Music Objectives and Goals

*To appreciate and enjoy all types of music

*To be able to understand basic musical concepts, theories and history

*To be able to create a sense of accomplishment and self confidence in a performance and/or classroom setting

*To help develop coordination through musical movement activities

*To apply the rudiments of music in playing and singing, such as rhythm, tempo, harmony and melody

*To experience multiculturalism through song, listening, playing, video and dance

*To contribute to the intellectual and academic development of memorization, language skills, concentration and good listening skills

*To encourage communication, individual expression and critical thinking

*To receive recorder instruction at the 3rd grade level

*To appreciate singing and music at all levels