3rd Grade Recorder Karate Program

 What is Recorder Karate?

The Recorder Karate program is "work at your own pace"program.  When a child plays the required song correctly they will get a belt....a colored piece of yarn.  There are 9 belts to try to achieve.  

The Recorder Karate program ends on March 1st.  - that is the last date they can go for their recorder belts.  After March 1st we will be preparing for our recorder assembly which is TBA.

Keep in mind that over the course of the year there are only a total of 20 days of music classes at 40 minutes each (not excluding assembly's or if a child is absent)  leading up to the recorder assembly.


What happens if my child loses or breaks their recorder?

We are very fortunate to have Plainville School System supplying each child with ONE recorder for the year since many schools do not provide children with their recorders.  If your child loses or breaks their recorder it is their responsibility to get a replacement one.  You can purchase them for under $5 at the Dollar stores, toy stores, and Wal-Mart to just name a few places.

Should my child practice?

Yes, it would be ideal if your child can take a few minutes each week to review and practice at home what they have learned during music classes.  I am teaching the most basic fundamentals of the recorder.  It is very important that your child bring their recorder to EVERY music class.   

Remember that I will only see your child 20 times/music classes for 40 minutes each before our recorder assembly in April.  So, it is up to them to make the most of this musical/recorder opportunity.


Does my child get graded?

Yes, but the recorder program is work your own pace so grading is basically based on participation and effort.  All children will be playing and graded at the best of their abilities.   All children MUST bring in their recorders to music class - this is very important if they would like to progress and pass the songs.  Every time your child passes a song they will go on to the next song which is the next level and receive their recorder belt.


 What grades learn the recorder?

Starting in 2006 the Superintendent of Plainville requested that recorders be taught in 3rd and 4th grade. 

When do recorders start?

We begin the Recorder Karate Program the beginning of September.


 What if my child can not play it?

If they are practicing at home for even just 10 minutes a week then they should have absolutely no problem with the recorder.  If they can not practice every week we do practice and review the songs each music class except for the month of December when we practice songs for our Winter Assembly.

Do they need to get anything?

All 3rd graders need a folder so that they will have a place to put the music and information. 


What is my child going to learn?

*Students will learn how to hold the recorder

*Students will be able to play selected notes to the best of their ability

*Students will be able to recognize, read and play simple musical selections

Basically when each child successfully plays the given song they will receive their "recorder belt" and will be able to go on to the next level/song.  For the most part this is going to be achieved at the individual pace of the child therefore meeting their specific individual goals. 

A general goal for 3rd grade is to be able to play 4 songs by March 1st - when the Recorder Karate program ends and we then start preparing for the recorder assembly.

When is the Recorder Assembly?

The Recorder Assembly for the 3rd graders is TBA

Children will play up to the song and level they are currently at in the recorder assembly.  Therefore, the more songs/level's they learn throughout the year.....the more they will be able to perform in the assembly.  I am not going to have children play songs that they do not know or feel comfortable playing during the assembly.