Meet The Teacher

 Hello, all, and welcome to music class!


 My name is Jade Brazzel and this is my first year of teaching elementary music. I was born in North Carolina,

but grew up all over the world because my father was a Marine.   

I do have experience working in schools as I did AmeriCorps in a

local elementary school for two years before leaving to finish my

degree. I have a Bachelor's degree in both music education and 

music with emphasis in instrumental and certification in vocal. I

graduated from the Univerity of Central Missouri in

Warrensburg, MO. Things I enjoy outside of work include

writing, composing, walkin gmy dogs, reading, and playing

videogames on occasion. After finishing my music class, students

will possess the knowledge and experience to succeed in future

musical opportunities available to them, as part of school

curriculum or for personal musical interests they wish to explore.

I hope to have a great and productive school year with you all. What I mean by productive is your child won't carry the

mentality that they are only in my class because they are obligated to be and will walk away with nothing. I want them to walk

away with everything from my class. We wil learn plenty of academic skills in this class, that are all required for the art that is

music, but important life skills, as well. Every Friday, the newsletter for the following week will be sent out which gives time

for you all to know what is expected in the week to come. Along with the newsletter will be some kind of thinking question.

Students will be required to give their opinionated answer in a group dicussion on Monday mornings. I believe this is an excellent

way to start off the day an dthe week and further connect with one another as a class. I look forward to having great fun with your

child in my music class this year!