Today in Class...

Tuesday, 9/19- We continued to review compound sentences today and read Chapters 4 and 5 in The Mighty Miss Malone.  Students also completed their first written responses for The Mighty Miss Malone and took a fluency assessment.

Monday, 9/18- Students reviewed compound sentences in class today and read Chapters 2 and 3 of The Mighty Miss Malone.  We also completed a summary baseline assessment.

Monday, 9/11- Friday 9/14- North Bay

Friday, 9/8- We finally started reading our shared novel today, The Mighty Miss Malone!  Students were given their vocabulary sheets for this book.  We then worked on writing simple sentences and completed a graded activity about them.

Thursday, 9/7- Students completed MAP testing.

Wednesday, 9/6- In class, we reviewed the grading policy and completed a scavenger hunt to become familiar with the room.  Students also continued Benchmark testing.

Tuesday, 9/5- Happy first day of school!  Today we played Pictionary to become acquainted with one another and focused on setting up our Chromebooks.  Students also started completing Benchmark testing.