Homework & Classroom Policy


Planners are to be signed daily with your first inital and last name signature.  Please sign it in this manner for at least the 1st 2 weeks of school.  In the event no homework is assigned, students will write "No Homework" and I will initial. 

Memo envelopes include items such as notices and tests.  You can expect them to go home every Wednesday.  Parents are to sign each test in the upper right corner and sign the front of the envelope as indicated.  Envelopes are expected to be returned the next day, with Friday as the latest.  Students are encouraged with this responsibility so your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Note that time-sensitive materials will be sent home the day teachers receive them and will be notated in the students' planners. 


You can generally expect some form of homework each day which usually takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour for an average student.  However, during the 3rd quarter, this may increase.  All assignments are given with instruction so homework should be done independently.  If you would like to look over your child's work, that is fine, but intense instruction should not be necessary.  

In the event your child is unable to attend due to illness, you may request for homework, either via a phone call to the office, or a quick email to me.  However, please note that I cannot guarantee receipt of your email request due to the time constraints of instruction.  In most cases, students may be needing specific worksheets or texts which will necessitate pick up at the office.

If your child misses a test, he or she is expected to take the test the day of return.  

Homework requests for unexcused absences for reasons of vacations or other non health-related events will not be provided, as the student will be missing important instruction and class discussion.


Rarely do we encounter situations where interventions are necessary.  However, it is always helpful to know what the children are advised so that we can work together to provide an optimal learning environment for all.  Our classroom rules are very simple:

                     Be Aware                         One Time Only                 Don't Lose The Trust

Of course, the school's rules apply everywhere - Follow the 3 B's  (Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible)

We embrace the concept of Ohana (working as one family).  However, a more structured outline may be necessary:

                     1st warning  -  verbal reminder

                     2nd warning -  name on the board

                     3rd warning -  check next to name, reflect during recess

                     4th warning -  parent notified, possible referral to administration

Repeated offenses that disrupt learning and or display disrepect for self or others may result in removal or restriction of class events.