PCIS Speech-Language

PCIS Speech-Language
Welcome to our new website where you will be able to find what we are doing weekly within speech and language. Your child should be able to give you an idea of the activities that we covered each week. Enjoy...and remember that feedback is always beneficial!  Laughing
  1. Language Activities: 11/1/10-11/5/10: We have been working on WORD ASSOCIATIONS this week. For example, when you hear the word "THANKSGIVING" what is the first word that comes to mind. By working on word associations we are targeting your child's vocabulary and creating connections required for quick retrieval of vocabulary during conversation and written language. Also, we have discussed writing letters to family members pretending to be on a wagon train heading from Missouri to California in the year 1840 (the first wagon train to reach California from Missouri occured on 11/4/1841). In this activity we have discussed the following: WRITING MECHANICS such as grammar, spelling and capatilization, increasing DESCRIPTIVE WORDS (adjectives and adverbs) in both speech and writing, and MATH CONCEPTS using bar graphs and the vocabulary "least" and "most."
  2. Speech Activities: 11/1/10-11/5/10: We have been targeting the sounds "SH" and "CH" in words and sentences.
  3. Social Language Activities:11/1/10-11/5/10: We have been working on SOCIAL PROBLEM SOLVING and HYPOTHETICAL SITUATIONS. For example, what would you say or do if you smelled smoke in your house.We have been giving multiple answers to such questions in order to increase flexibility of verbal responses and in thinking.  
The following link provides excellent worksheets and activities in speech and language. I often use these worksheets to begin a lesson.  http://www.mnsu.edu/comdis/kuster2/sptherapy.html#reproducibles
Cool Please feel free to email me with any questions, concerns or comments: jcollins@plymouth.k12.ma.us