Best Drones For Aerial Photography and videography

As a serious or hobbyist photographer, there are only the best drone cameras to choose from on this article. The best drones on this article are above-the-line models that offer high-quality imagery from both sides and high resolution images to boot. They're much better than those tiny point and shoot gadgets that cost an arm and a leg and then never capture a single clear image. If you're looking for the best drone cameras, the ones that will truly blow your mind, take awe-inspiring photos, make you salivate for even more pictures, then you've come to the right place. This article is about the best drone cameras, the ones that are worth their weight in gold, so to speak.


One of my favorites out there is the DJI Inspire Vision + from DJI. This amazing drone camera from DJI allows you to experience the world like a professional pilot would, while simultaneously  best drone cameras recording every movement in your flights and automatically saving images up to four days later. This camera is not only great for aerial photography but it can also be used for filming videos as well. In fact, the best drone cameras by DJI offer flight time of up to 16 minutes and that's plenty of time to get lots of real estate shots and action.


When it comes to taking clear, quality videos and stills from your drones, there are no better models than the HD Protaras from DJI. The HD Protaras has the ability to record high definition videos and images and even scans them onto the hard drive to be viewed later. It is one of the best drone cameras on the market and the icing on the cake is that it costs less than a single HD video camera.