How To Correct The Bad Bite

Many people have little misalignment problems here and there. Normally, it isn't a big deal to pay attention to; however, in critical cases, Miami orthodontist should be consulted. Malocclusion is the uneven alignment of the teeth. It can also be the incorrect closing of the upper and lower jaw. Bad bite issues may cause difficulty with eating, speaking, and maintaining oral hygiene.


Here are a few different overbite correction according to the best orthodontist Miami.




An underbite is a situation in which a lower jaw protrudes. Early apprehension is required to correct underbites without medical intervention. While the child is in the bracket of 6-7 years, the jawline can be corrected. There are different means for improvement for an underbite. Expanders can be practiced to extend the upper jaw so that the condition of open bite gets corrected. Headgear can be used in connection with the expander in difficult cases. The headgear connects to the top jaw and slowly draws it forward. This provides the top teeth to match harmoniously. Consult the best orthodontist Miami in the case of an adult and pediatric orthodontist when your child is growing through this treatment.  Underbite correction for adults is mostly done through surgery which is an easy one.




Also recognized as a deep bite, overbites are the exact opposite of the underbite when upper teeth over the lower. In many instances, the bottom teeth go unnoticed when a person takes the bite. teeth correction is needed in this case and it is highly recommended to get in touch with an orthodontist for timely correction to fix overbite. Before committing to taking the treatment from them check the photos of overbite before and after of the previous patients to understand their skill. Some orthodontists like to practice this process with the kid. While the best invisible aligners can also be worn through this whole process can be done in just one year or so.




A crossbite involves one or two teeth that are twisted toward the inner side of the mouth or tongue. It can be turned to both sides of the jaw, and create severe stress. Crossbites are generally heredity in nature, due to postponed loss of baby teeth or from the awkward eruption of teeth. This condition can cause drastic wear and tear on the enamel of the molars, resulting in dental trauma which requires expert treatment otherwise it can lead to serious issues in the later years of life.


Open Bite


An open bite is a classic situation when upper and lower teeth don't fit while biting down. In the situation of the crossbite, the open bite can create critical stress on the back teeth as the front teeth have a significant share in biting, according to the experts. Chewing is less efficient and eating can be a challenge. Thumb sucking is the typical cause of an open bite. The constant pressure on the teeth becomes the main reason as it disturbs the natural eruption of the teeth.


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