How To Properly Care for Clear Retainers?

After wearing dental braces for months or years to correct your crooked teeth, you feel comfortable that you will certainly be able to get relieved of them. Now your orthodontist near me tells you that the orthodontic procedure is still not over and you will have to wear clear teeth retainers for periods or even a year or more so that your teeth won't come out of alignment. Typically, the best orthodontist near me will give you two alternatives, namely the usual style retainer (with the metal wire pointing across the front of your teeth) or clear retainers after braces.


There are pros and cons to both. After extensive analysis and development though, there is now an option. It is a retainer that takes combines the benefits of metal and plastic retainers into one that is clear retainers for teeth.

Natural Look

Conventional metal wire retainers are more permanent, but having the wire streaming across your front teeth looks hideous. Clear retainers are chosen because they are indistinguishable. They surround the teeth and thus are less obvious. However, they are fragile and can easily snap. So while a clear retainer is esthetically more pleasant they are not durable but have the benefit of no wires across the front teeth. Get them at braces near me.

Comfort and fit

Metal retainers have steel brackets to fasten into place over the end of your molars. They can produce a good fit but are not very convenient. They often can prevent speech as well. Clear retainers direct with the metal fittings, yet usually do not snap into place like traditional retainers. Additionally, they cover your chewing surfaces which can cause TMJ problems in near future. It is most suitable for your teeth to bite down externally plastic material covering them. The new technology has generated a solution by having even acrylic on the inside pallet while including a thin durable propylene substance surrounding the front teeth. There is no material incorporating the biting surfaces. The effect is a very comfortable fit with great relief and no TMJ issues.


Clear and metal retainers are custom-fitted tooth devices. Yet with either retainer, the gums might feel a little uncomfortable during the primary days of wearing. If this remains, it signifies that you may have the incorrect size and may need some adaptations done. You could also require a new retainer if improvements cannot be made. Another issue is clear retainer cost, they are little on the expensive side.


  • Regularly rinse your retainer. Exclude it from your mouth and rinse it with lukewarm water. Never utilize hot water because it will dissolve the clear retainer. Keeping your retainer sanitizer will kill bacteria thus stopping irritation of your gums and teeth.
  • Put your retainer in a box that has a cleansing solvent specifically for retainers. Make sure that you obey the directions as to how long you need to dip the retainer. Decline to follow the designated time might cause harm to the retainer. After dipping, rinse it with clean water completely, for more information visit today!

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