Retainers for teeth: Why To wear Them?

What are retainers?


A retainer is a kind of dental appliance that stops your teeth from shifting after they have been straightened with braces. Post Braces treatment, your orthodontist will fit you with a retainer that is a mandatory part of after braces care. Although the braces have successfully straightened your teeth they are not still settled in their new position until the bones, gums, and muscles adjust to the changes.  The teeth take time to shift that’s why the actual time for wearing retainers can’t be fixed as it may vary from person to person. You can consult the best Miami orthodontist to know more about retainers.


Retainers are an important part of an orthodontic procedure. Patients should wear them importantly as the teeth may shift back to their original position as they were before the braces treatment. So look for the best place to get braces near me.


Why Are Retainers Required?


Teeth are situated within the sockets of a bone that lets them be shifted and readapted. Braces help teeth to move within these sockets compressing the ligaments on one side and at the same time stretching the other end. When the braces are off, orthodontists place retainers in your mouth to help the teeth retain their new position and overtime adapt to the new place.  The retainer may give slight discomfort in the beginning but with time the patient will get habitual of the retainer. The best orthodontist for braces near me can help you determine the correct type of retainer.


How Long will I have to wear retainers?


In starting, orthodontists suggest that the patient should wear the retainer all the time at least for two months. Gradually and slowly, you will have to wear them during night time only and then to only a few nights per week. The best orthodontist in Miami fl recommends that patients should not stop fully wearing them.


What are The Types of Retainers?


There are three types of retainers.


  1. Hawley Retainer


It is manufactured with flexible wires of acrylic or plastic. The wire encloses the six anterior teeth helping them retain their position. These wires are easily adjustable so that the orthodontic can fix the teeth if required. Retainers are easy to clean and available in different colors and styles.


  1. Essix Retainer


These retainers are made of molded clear plastic. Most orthodontists do not prefer them as not only they need to be replaced but don’t align the top and bottom teeth and create difficulties in cleaning the interior surfaces of the teeth.


  1. Permanent Bonded Retainer


A bonded retainer  is stuck to the backside of the patient’s teeth so they are less visible or not visible. Some time orthodontists recommend the retainers but after some time they move on to the Hawley or Essix retainers. These retainers are not removable by the patents.


Above mentioned information about the retainers can help you to decide the suitable type of retainer.


What is the cost of retainers?


Traditional Hawley retainers may cost ranging from  $150 to $600. Replacement clear retainers, like an Invisalign or an Essix retainer, can cost you between $400-$800. When you get the first retainer, its cost is included in your orthodontic treatment. The cost of Permanent retainers may be between  $150-$500 to place or replace.


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