Classroom Technology

Hello teachers and students,

We as educators do our best to research the best practices and provide the best resources for the students to maximize their learning. Although technology has brought benefits to learning, it has not come without its own challenges. It can be difficult, especially for thoose who are digitally illiterate to fully utilize technology the way that it should be. Below are a list of websites that can help strengthen the bond that students and teachers have by providing information on authentic technology use in the classroom.


1. Edutopia

Edutopia is a website that is partnered with the George Lucas Educational Foundation to provide teachers with knowledge and resources to better teach science and math with technology. It includes various grade levels, real examples, blogs, classroom guides, and videos.


2. Pew Internet: How Teachers Are Using Technology at Home and in Their Classrooms  

This link is an article hosted by Pew Internet that surveys different teachers about their different technology uses. This can be beneficial for teachers because they can see how their colleagues are utilizing it.


3. 4Teachers: Sites of the Week

4Teachers is a website that is dedicated to helping teachers improve their technology plan by providing general and specific lesson plan tips. This particular section features various sites that all specialize in different areas.


4. Tech for Teachers

Tech for Teachers is a site dedicated to helping teachers "create, connect , collaborate, engage." It is categorized by different mathematical strands and lists/shows various teachers' ideas for technology-based lessons.


5. SchoolHouse Technologies

SchoolHouse Technologies is a site that makes available worksheets and other resourcse to teachers.


6.  RedClay: Integrating Technology Into the Mathematics Classroom  to Bridge the Minority Gap

The Red Clay school district in Delaware provides good resources and advice that offers ways that teachers can use technology to appeal to minority groups and help create the least restrictive environment.


7.  PBS Teachers

PBS Teachers is a great tool for teachers because it has a very easy to use search engine. It allows teachers to search for lessons and even filter by the different modes of instruction.


8.  TimeProject: Technology Integration for Math Engagement

This website features many different resources that allows you to filter by assignment type and content.


9. Summary of Technology Integration Strategies for Math's purpose is in the name; to help improve education. This particular section helps teachers search for implentation strategies for various grade levels, types of technology, and concepts.


10.  Scholastic: Teaching With Technology focuses primarily on reading, but it also has many different strategies for technology that can be applied to any content area. It even has specific strategies for each content area.



11.  North Kingston School Department: Math Resources - Technology Math

This site has different resources for students. Different topics are presented with each topic having links to various interactive tutorials and practice stations.


12.  GreatSchools: Assistive Technology Tools

This site provides information to students with special needs. It goes over common technology that will help make life easier in mathematics for certain groups of students.


13.  Math Playground

Math Playground provides an interactive "Playground" of math by having games, tutorials, and videos available for different grade levels.


14.  CoolMath:

CoolMath is an interactive website featuring different lessons and games. Although it is not the greatest for teaching, it is a great site for practicing and sharpening skills.


15.  Pearson: MyMathLab

MyMathLab is an online program designed by Pearson to align with various textbooks. It allows students to receive help, view examples, and even watch lessons.


16.  American Mathematical Society: High School Students and Teachers

The American Mathematical Society focuses on improving math in different areas. One of the big focuses has been on improving math through the schools. Here, they provide effective resources for students to use to build math skills.


17.  HippoCampus

HippoCampus is a site designed to help students improve their skills in various areas. It provides study guides, demonstrations, and even sample lesson plans and worksheets to use as examples.


18.  Technology Student Association: TEAMS

The Technology Student Association is used to help improve the curriculum for technology based applications in math and science. TEAMS is a competition that has students demonstrate their knowledge of technology and its applications. The website provides different ideas and resources to learn and improve.


19.  Discovery Education

Discovery Education is looking to expand the use of online based resources for education. It features various multimedia formats that all teach lessons that are aligned to common core standards.


20.  College Prepatory Mathematics

College Prepatory Math looks to prepare high school students for the rigorous math curriculums that college will present. It contains different skill builders, resources, and practice materials as well as expectations of what should be known.