Dissertation Introduction

Let Me Introduce My Project!

Well, we are sure you have some basic information about writing a dissertation introduction. You know that:

  • a dissertation introduction is a really important component of your project;
  • a dissertation introduction should be attention-grabbing and a bit intriguing so that to get the reader involved;
  • a dissertation introduction should provide all necessary information about your project, your objectives, and so on.

You also know that a standard dissertation introduction consists of the following elements:

  1. Statement of the problem you are going to address;
  2. Overview of the problem;
  3. Your major objectives;
  4. Specific research questions you intend to answer;
  5. Hypotheses.

Well, these are general facts about dissertation introductions, and it seems like you know how this part of your project should be completed. However, when it comes to writing a dissertation introduction, many students feel stuck and have no idea what exactly should be written.

Thus, let us provide you with some practical tips for making dissertation introductions. Tips from essay writing service:

Tip 1

Decide when it is better for you to complete the dissertation introduction. Sometimes, it is recommended that this part should be done at the end. Yet, we insist that the dissertation introduction should go first. Just write a draft and make some changes and improvements to it in the course of research.

Tip 2

Before you start working on the dissertation introduction, consult your supervisor about all standards you have to meet.

Tip 3

Always start with background of the problem. Keep track of recent debates, some changes related to your topic and discuss them in the introduction. Decide whether your introductory paragraph will be detailed or you will focus on some specific points.

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A Dissertation Project: How to Fail It

We have no clue why you want to fail your dissertation project. Probably, you signed up for it but realized that it was a big mistake of yours. Now, you do not want to give up just like that and want to make an illusion that you simply failed a dissertation project.

Well, not a bad idea! There is nothing impossible for our writers, and since they know how to succeed with a dissertation project, they know how to fail it as well.

What follows next are our recommendations on how to fail dissertation projects.

Ignore general requirements

You have already received the first instructions for completing the dissertation project. They include the following information: how your project should be organized, what deadlines you should stick to, what the required word limit and format are, and many other useful things. All you should do is make this list of requirements “get lost” somewhere.

Do not plan anything

They say that thorough planning is one of the main keys to an effective dissertation project. Yes, plans work well for those who intend to finish their projects, but it is not about you.

Put off writing

Put off writing the first section of your dissertation project for as long as you can. Tell your advisor that you have not researched the chosen topic yet, that you have to carry out one more survey, and writing your dissertation project is impossible without it.

Do not try to find a good place for working

Write your dissertation project on a bench in some park, in fast food restaurants or nightclubs. But never do it at home or in the library.

Finally, do not try to get dissertation consulting and forget about preparing a dissertation report.

Thanks for reading!
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