Students Say...


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb

I took this photo on January 18, 2018 - this student had unexpectedly transferred to another school. She will be missed.


Comments from the old Comments Board

Mr. Wheeler, This class was really great and I'll be sad to see you gone. I have no clue as to the reason for your leaving, your class was one of the most useful. Information and Technologies was one of the few classes that I both enjoyed and learned in. You brought the class to life and it's a bit depressing that it's going to go.

Chandler C.

Dear Mr. Wheeler, Thatcher won't be the same without you. We will all miss you greatly. Honestly, I'm glad next year might be my last year because it'll be boring to not have your class to come to and I could only handle that for 1 year. I'm gonna miss your geeky jokes, your dad jokes, and your geeky dad jokes. I'm kinda mad at Thatcher for their decision; I bet you are too. Anyways, I hope you have a good time at your next job. Nothing will be as great as being a teacher for the wonderful geeks who joined I.T. and Business tech. You've impacted every student you've met (for better or for worse is up to the kid) and all the members of FBLA certainly won't forget you. I'm sorry this is a mess. We all love you and you're a wonderful teacher (one of Thatcher's best, in my opinion). Anyways, my wrist hurts now so I'm gonna end this note. We will miss you!!

Karlie C.

This class has been great. I've learned much more than I expected, and the IT class has inspired me to get into coding even more than I already was. I am sure that I am speaking for everyone when I say that we'll miss you next year. thank you for being our teacher.

Chandler S.

I really loved this class, just wish that we had more permissions to do what we need to do in the Web Development class.

Sam F.

While I am not currently in the classroom, and these are only a few of the comments I have gotten over the years, I will say that I miss the students the most. They are truly the reason we teach, and if - for some reason - they are not, then maybe we need to rethink teaching.