Characteristics that your ESA dog must have - 2023

When a person has made up their mind to get their ESA dog, then there is nothing that can stop them. They are determined to get their animal partner and treat their loneliness and stress. Emotional Support Animals are indeed the talk of the town these days due to their immense popularity. People all around are affirmed and thoughtful that ESA can really take over medicine.

It is not only people who think that ESA is capable of taking over heavy dosage medicines. But also, the doctors and researchers are optimistic that one day ESA will become the power of psychologically weak people. For this reason, doctors play their desired role by offering people to keep an emotional support animal. They provide them with a prescription to have a dog and send them to the agencies that sell these dogs with an This letter is a document that holds legal authority that a person can keep that dog with them all the time. They can take that dog for a walk or even to the shopping mall as the purpose of the dog is assistance, not as a pet.

In this article, we will see why getting an ESA letter is necessary by seeing the characteristics that your dog must have. These characteristics are usually trained by the ESA agencies to make sure that the patient gets what they require. So, every ESA buyer should check these characteristics before buying their own dog. Checking for these characteristics will guarantee that the person will be aided, and the treatment will be helpful in the long term.

The following is the list of those characteristics from an expert’s point of view. So, start to prepare your checklist for your emotional support animal partner.

  1. The dog must be loving and dedicated to its owner. Every dog is loyal, but they are not usually loving and caring. However, an emotional Support animal letter must be loving and caring in order to heal the patient. The agencies train the dogs accordingly to show affection to everyone. They train them to keep calm and always stay with the patient dedicatedly. So, when you are taking an ESA dog, you must see that the dog is friendly with you.
  2. The dog must be intelligent; of course, it does not mean that the dog should be good at studying. By intelligent, it means that the dog is attentive and is up to helping the patient anytime they need. The dog is vigilant and able to catch up with the situation without any external help. There are many intelligent dogs out there. So, make sure that you pick the right one. Moreover, it is not difficult to train dogs as intelligent beings. Thus, most probably, the agency would have trained your dog accordingly.
  3. Make sure that your dog is obedient and a quick learner. You can check the dog's obedience easily there at the agency, by asking it to come near you or play with you. But as for knowing the learning skills of the dog, you need to spend some time with it and try to make it learn new things. You don't have to worry much about the learning skills of the dogs as naturally, they are able to learn quickly. However, if you still want to be sure, then you can prepare a little test of your own to know better about the dog that you are getting.
  4. Another aspect is that your dog should be social in nature. The dog must be able to adapt to new places and people. It should not act like a security dog who barks irregularly at every random person. Instead, it should be friendly with everyone as the purpose of that dog is to keep the patient calm. So, if the dog is calm, then the patient will try to be relaxed as well. Furthermore, if a dog is social and wants to go out. Then it will drag the owner too. This will create a positive impact on the patient, and they will be willing to socialize with people even if it is for the sake of the dog.
  5. The last characteristic is that your dog should be easy-going. If your dog is hard to tame and is rigid all the time. Then the purpose of emotional stability will be impossible to attain. Thus, the dog must be easy-going on even things that are of displeasure. The dog should be able to compromise and live according to the will of the owner. For instance, if the owner wants to stay at home all day. Then the dog should not create a fuss and stay at home. The dog should use other means to make the owner happy and have things go the way they want.

These are a few characteristics that one should check when they get a dog.

If all these characteristics are present in an ESA dog, then it is eligible to be kept at home without any worries. You can get an realesaletter for the dog and keep it with you even at your home. If you are a tenant then you can show the letter to the landlord and get permission for the animal to stay. This letter will assure the landlord that you need the animal, and according to the law, they should allow you to keep that dog at the rental house.