Contributing to the Profession

Remind is a text/email service that I have found very useful over my first two years. Most of my students have cell phones, and so being able to send a mass text message reminder of homework, upcoming tests, or project due dates was excellent. Furthermore, any parents that would contact me with concerns about their student's work or grade, I could also add to the text list. Additionally, the students were able to reply to the mass text if they had questions about the work, and their reply would go directly to the app on my smart phone; this made communication between myself and students very quick and easy, but without students having my personal phone number or having to worry about sending an email that might not be seen immediately.


Edutopia is a website that I will occasionally use to find a new instructional strategy, as there are literally thousands of lesson ideas and educational strategies just waiting to be adapted to different classes. While some of these are specific to certain grade levels or subjects, there are many that any given educator could use in their classroom. Further, there are a wealth of blogs and columns that are specifically aimed at teachers, and many of them are quite helpful for beginning teachers, with topics ranging from classroom management ideas/strategies to ways to avoid/relieve stress to ways to tactics to remain energized and continually enjoy the profession.


This website is very useful for any history/social science teacher. Docsteach is run by the National Archives, and has a massive database of primary source material that can be used in a variety of lessons. The material ranges from the mid-1700s up through present day, with everything from photos, to textual documents, to maps. Additionally, there are some lesson plans and activities on the based on primary sources found there. However, I found this site most useful for the wealth of pictures, maps, and other primary sources to be able to share with students. Furthermore, the final assignment I will be giving my World History classes will be a research paper on a topic of their choosing, but will give this site as a great possible source for information.