AR Stars

Daniel A: 20.4 points!!!!
Emma C: 11 points!!!! 
Leena: 12 points!!!! 


This school year our students will continue to use the Accelerated Reading Program. Accelerated Reader is an incentive program used to encourage students to do as much reading as possible outside the classroom or during free time in the classroom. Research shows that children become better readers by reading more. This program is designed to have children stretch their reading ability and go as high as they can. The Accelerated Reader Program is a multi-level approach that is good for readers at all levels.

Our school library has Accelerated Reader books which they may check out during their regular library time.
Students may choose to read any book in their reading level that they wish. They then take a computerized comprehension test in class. If they answer all questions correctly, they earn the designated points. They may answer several questions incorrectly and still earn a percentage of the book points. However, too many incorrect answers results in no points earned and the test may not be retaken. Students may not retake any tests that they took in another grade as the computer has a record of their past data and will not permit them to complete the quiz.

Students are given time during their school day to take Accelerated Reader tests. They should also read Accelerated Reader books at home. We had such success with this program last year! The students were genuinely enthusiastic about reading and acquiring points. They were their own motivators! Thank you for your help and support with this program.