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Welcome to St. Martin de Porres'

8th Grade Religious Education Class 2009/2010

Teachers - Ms. Casanas/Mr. Dondlinger


We have every hope that this will be a great year for you as you prepare to make your Confirmation in the Fall of 2010!  We are always open to suggestions so please do not hesitate to discuss ideas in class, post on the blog or send an email.



First let's go over a few rules for our classroom:

  • Please make every attempt to be on time as we begin at 6:45pm and I will take attendance at the beginning of class.
  • Please always bring your text book unless I tell you in advance that you do not need to bring it.
  • I understand that sometimes students come to class directly from sports practices.  You may bring a drink to class provided you throw away your garbage and clean up any mess you make.  Please do not bring any beverages in glass containers as they may break. 
  • Please be respectful to one another and to any of the volunteers in this program.  This includes keeping social talking to a minimum so that we can all hear the material being covered and the questions being asked.
  • Participation is an expectation.  This course will only be as interesting as you make it.  Please ask questions and make constructive comments as this shows me that you are paying attention to what we are studying.  I would expect that you all have some questions.  We would like learning to be a fun experience for you and hope everyone will enjoy coming to class rather than dreading it!

What to Expect:

  • We have  new text book this year.  Text books have suggested activities and these will all be new for me as well as you this year.  Please feel free to comment on the activities so that I can understand if they were helpful or not.
  • We will begin Confirmation preparation in the Spring. 
  • You will do one project on Saints.  You will find details posted here on that project as it approaches.
  • There will be homework given with each week; however, you will have time to work on the homework at the end of each class.

Class Schedule ( other words...don't hold me to this Smile)

6:45 - 6:55    Attendance, Notices, Opening Prayer

6:55 - 8:00    Lesson

8:00 - 8:15    Time to do homework.



Please check here each week to make sure you have done the assignment for the week.  This will be a great resource for you if you happen to miss class! 


Where can I find? 

Need information about the St. Martin de Porres Religious Education Program (like schedules and contact names)?

Need information about our parish and mass schedule?

What name should I select for my Confirmation name?  Check out this website on Saints for help!