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Welcome to Ms. Jordan's website! Here you will find information on updates, lessons, assignments, etc. please check here regularly for updates while we navigate through distance learning during the quarantine. 

***UPDATE AS OF 4/20/2020***

No new updates this week.

While our focus this week has been on student learning, we don't want to ignore the social and emotional health of our students and families. On our district’s website,, we have provided links to several sources that can guide you in working with your children and provide assistance with some of your family's critical needs. 


For the week of 4/20/2020:  

Unit 6, Week 3 Reading work due April 26th:
Essential Question: How are living things adapted to their environment?
Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions
Comprehension Skill: Text Structure: Cause and Effect
Genre: Informational Text
Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues
-U6W3 Weekly Opener Video
-U6W3 Vocabulary Definitions
-U6W3 vocabulary practice
-U6W3 Expository Text Reading
-U6W3 Context Clues Activity
-U6W3 Whole Group Story Survival at 40 Below
-U6W3 Selection Test (*I will take a grade on this test)
YOU MUST be logged in to the Authentication portal in order to get into McGraw Hill/Wonders to work on these

All assignments are accessed by logging in to authentication portal and clicking on McGraw Hill. Once inside MH, your Wonders assignments will all be listed in the To Do section. Authentication Portal


For the week of 4/20/2020: 

-Watch lesson 19 instructional video, and complete lesson in Zearn
-Watch lesson 20 instructional video, and complete lesson in Zearn  (*I will take a math grade on completing lesson 20) 


For the week of 4/20/2020:

For the writing assignment this week, you need to send me a 4-5 sentence email about what you did this week. The email needs to be nicely written in complete sentences. There needs to be a subject to the email, and the subject should relate to what your email is about (so don't put something like "Here's my email"). Make sure all your "I"s are capitalized. Do not shortcut your words (do not put "u" for the word "you". If you need to make any corrections, I will email you back and let you know. You will need to eventually start creating professional emails, so now is a great time to start! I realize with being stuck inside you may not have that many exciting things to write about, but this isn't a story. You're just practicing your email writing skills by telling me what you did. If you were really bored or struggled on something, include that in the email. *I will take a writing grade on this.

Science/Social Studies

For the week of 4/20/2020:

You will pick a U.S. president to research. After gathering the facts needed, you create a google slideshow with the attached google slides file in google classroom. You can change the background, colors, and fonts, but must enter the appropriate information required for each slide. Add lots of pictures! This will be for a grade, but will not be due until May 3rd. It is a larger project so I am giving you two weeks.

Google Classroom

I'm excited for when I can see you all again!!!