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My Classroom Website

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Hi! My name is Jen Leiman.  I was born in Princeton, New Jersey and am currently a Kindergarten teacher in Lancaster, Texas.  Here, I have started and am currently directing the Drama Club for Second and Third grade students.  I have previously taught First & Fourth Grade.  No matter what grade, we always have a lot of fun in our class and would love to share some of our ideas with you!

My Educational Philosophy

Classroom Management: Choices Choices Choices! It is important for each child to learn how to make choices.  That each choice comes with its rewards or consequences.  It is also important for students to learn that not every choice is a good or bad choice.  For Example: Markers or Crayons?  Let them decide.  Neither is wrong, but it gives them a level of control that is important for each child to have. There are times when students need very clear instruction, and in that case it is important for them to know that their choice in following those directions have direct rewards and consequences.  

Working as a Team: I believe it is crucial for the teacher, student, school, and parents to work together.  For this reason, I welcome parent's phone calls and frequently send home notes and make calls home.  I will call when a student has a good day, or a bad day.  I will call when a student is being successful, or needs a little extra help.  Parent's volunteering in the classroom can be magical. If all four: teacher, student, school, and parent can work together, I believe that child can do anything they put their mind too! 

Fun and Engaging: A classroom must be fun and engaging.  In order for students to learn they must WANT to be there.  If they hate coming to school each day, it has just become an uphill battle.  Students must be engaged in their learning.  They need a reason to learn what you are teaching.  Each child should have an opportunity to shine with what they can do best.  It is important to get to know each child so that you can find ways of using them in your teaching.  Students will enjoy whatever it is you are teaching if one of their peers is up front with you.  I believe that if you can succeed with making your lessons fun and engaging students will not only be challenged to learn the topic at hand, but also challenge themselves further.  The best moments are when the homework assignment was to write a paragraph, but a student was inspired to write a book.  Or when you told the children to draw a picture, but a child decided to draw several pictures that told a story.  Those are the special moments when you know you did your job right. 


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