Instructional Design Document

Here is my write-up describing the process of creating my Instructional Design Materials. 

Learner and Context Analysis

For this assignment, I will be designing material to train K-12 educators on utilizing a Smart Board to meet Missouri Grade Level Expectations by accessing and downloading material from the SMART Exchange website.  This training session will inform current teachers who already have a Smart Board in their classrooms or who will have one shortly how to use the technology to the fullest to meet GLE’s instead of just using it as a whiteboard.  By accessing the site and filling in appropriate categories, a teacher can download and incorporate various activities and games that can enhance current lessons and spark higher level thinking amongst students of all ages.  This training would be equivalent to an hour long workshop.

This training will teach the following skills:

  1. Brief Overview of Smart Boards and SMART Exchange Website
  2. How to Use the Internet to Access the SMART Exchange Website
  3. How to Download Activities/Games Linked to Four Subject Area GLEs  

Task Analysis/Learning Objectives

After this training, the faculty will be able to:

  1. Access the SMART Exchange website.
  2. Search through various subject GLEs to find beneficial curriculum supplements.
  3. Download at least one activity/game for each of the four subjects listed in pull-down menu if you are an elementary teacher or four activities total relating to your area of expertise if you are a subject-specific teacher in middle or high school.
  4. Complete survey regarding hour long workshop after finishing downloads.


This training material will be presented online. I will post these materials on my website and the learners will access it and learn about SMART Exchange.

Instructional Strategies

This training material will be presented by a website homepage and PowerPoint presentation through Google Docs to give learners a comfortable option when accessing the material.


To evaluate how successful the training was, I will use an online survey from Survey Monkey that I will post on my website for learners to take and submit after completing workshop requirements.