Information to Families


           Spring Break is next week. It is important to keep your child reading during this short break. Reading at least 20 minutes daily is a good goal for your child to reach. If you are taking a trip, encourage your child to read about the place you are visiting. It would also be beneficial for your child to write each day about their Spring Break. These short daily writing opportunities can also be fun to read in the future.

          Be sure to keep encouraging your child to practice their multiplication facts over Spring Break, too. We have several students who are only a few tests away from passing all of their multiplication timed tests. What an accomplishment! If you are taking a road trip, remember to bring those flashcards along for the ride.

         Lincoln is providing early morning programs to help your child with academics. SuccessMaker Club and Homework Club both begin at 8:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. SuccessMaker Club is located in the Computer Lab and Homework Club is located in the Visual Arts room.