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Educational Philosophy

I believe that “smart” looks different in each and every child. I am here to support, guide, and encourage children as they embark on their individual educational journeys. I believe that all children are capable of a successful educational career when placed in the right learning environment: permissive and emotionally healthy environment, as well as, an environment with well defined limits.

I believe that to be a great teacher I must actively participate in Reflective Teaching. Reflective teaching allows me to observe and think about my teachings and adjust my methods according to the student’s needs and interests. Through reflective teaching I can create awareness in each student of their ultimate responsibility for his/her education and self-dedication, rather than imposing specific goals and objectives.

I am a firm believer in active learning, and I try to maintain a very lively and interactive classroom. To me, teaching is not about lecturing to students; it is about presenting theories, concepts, and empirical material to students in a way that they can integrate this information into their own life experience.

Children are socially active individuals that are egger to explore and gain control over their environment; for this reason in my classroom I will take a somewhat alternative, more hands on, approach to learning.

I stand behind the scientific method as being the most effective way for students to solve problems. In using the scientific method students learn how to think problems out and solve them in ways that lead not only to educational growth, but personally and socially. These problematic encounters stimulate children to access their intelligence to resolve the problem and expand their knowledge in an active manner. In order to help students actively resolve problems I will facilitate age appropriate research and activities.

I believe in the classroom management methods and techniques of Harry Wong. In my classroom I have expectations that all students will be respectful towards one another and work their hardest to achieve the success they deserve. I believe that all education succeeds by the participation of the individual in social consciousness. Cultural diversity is a large part of everyday life and in every classroom and throughout society. Our society is made up of many different cultures from ethnic backgrounds to learning disabilities. I believe that all children need to learn about cultural diversity and how to interact appropriately so that we can co-exist as one society.

My curriculum can build a student’s official version of knowledge or it can challenge them to develop a critical consciousness that empowers students to engage in self-liberation. My curriculum will be constructed to provide broadened experiences that explore children’s immediate environment and highlight connections to their personal lives.