About Me


Hello everyone! My name is Jennifer Kite and I am a first year teacher teaching Kindergarten here at Sunshine Elementary. I am so excited to begin my teaching career at this wonderful school. I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Interdiscplinary Studies in grades EC through 6th grade and Special Education in grades EC through 12th grade. It is my hope that I can provide your child with a safe and engaging year and instill in them a love for learning and exploring. I am a firm believer on communication, so your child will definitely be able to have a voice. I believe that everyone has something to say in this world and I want my students to develop their own voice and sense of self starting right now. 

I would love for the parents/guardians of my students to be as involved as possible. It takes a village! Please feel free to come visit and help out! 

Below are a few pictures of some various posters, and things that I helped with along my journey to where I am today! Enjoy!