Family literacy Corner

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This upcoming year we will be encouraging and stemming family literacy in the home!  It is important and vital to your child’s education that we work together as a team to mold the minds of our “Wakanyeja.”


WhAt iS FaMiLy LiTeRaCy? 

Literacy is building a partnership with families in reading and writing that will be reflected in the home and the classroom.  In accomplishing this for your child this year will be focusing on the following:                       

 AT HOME                         ·       

  • Reading (peer reading, parent/child reading, family reading)   
  • Make Reading FUN!!
  •  Oral Language (storytelling, conversations)
  •   Listening    
  • Practicing writing names      
  •  Locating letters/sounds in written work       
  •  Books in a Bag                        CLASSROOM                    
  •        Sound games
  •         Phonics (sound awareness)
  • Sensorial experiences (using the senses taste, touch, hear, smell)
  •      Categorizing
  •       Adult modeling
  • Developing left to write writing sequence
  •       Cultural awareness
  •   Numeracy
  •      Computer literacy
  • Alphabet knowledge
  •         Puppets
  •     Repetition
  • Lakota words
  •    Labeling classroom
  • Songs
  • Questioning
  •         Colors, body parts, shapes, emotions
  •         Appreciation for poetry, songs, rhymes
  •        Appreciation for written words (Newspapers, magazines, books)


My personal goal is to instill total reading and creative writing that will be beneficial to the future success of your child’s educational career. By working together we stress the importance of reading and writing in your child’s life and create a life long love of reading!!!!               

Jennifer Zephier

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