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PreK-5 Private and Small Group Tutoring Service

My Teaching Experience                                                                                                                     

With over 10 years of classroom experience, I hold a CA Multiple Subject Credential and a B.A. in Liberal Studies with specialization in literature. I am qualified to teach any subject in grades K-6. I have taught EAK (Early Admission to Kindergarten) and Kindergarten in local school districts, and have worked as a substitute teacher for grades K-5.

Services Offered

Kindergarten Preparation:

Kindergarten readiness is essential for every child. It is the foundation for building academic and social confidence to motivate students to become life-long learners! As a former EAK (Early Admission to Kindergarten) and Kindergarten teacher, I specialize in preparing students academically and building their confidence through engaging literacy and math activities that will encourage them to develop a love for school and learning. Although your child may be attending preschool or kindergarten, your child may not be receiving the individualized support that he or she needs in order to feel academically confident in school. Private tutoring sessions can offer your child the opportunity to receive additional support in areas of need, assistance with developing and working toward reaching challenging yet achievable goals, and developing confidence and intrinsic motivation to succeed in school.

I can begin our first lesson with a complimentary 15 minute session to formally assess your child’s literacy and math skills. If you wish for your child to receive additional tutoring sessions, I can utilize your child’s assessment session to design long-term goals and lessons based on his or her needs. If your child is already in school, I can collaborate with your child’s teacher on goals that we can work toward achieving.

Please note: students who are not yet enrolled in kindergarten must be at least 4 ½ years of age to receive pre-k tutoring sessions.

K-5 Private Tutoring Lessons:

My tutoring services are available for students in grades K-5 in any subject. I can provide help with homework as well as collaborate with your child's teacher in working on any areas of need.

Small Group Instruction:

For a reduced fee, I can provide lessons to two or more students who are in the same grade level.


Service Fees, Hours and Location

My independent lesson fee is $20 per hour. Small group sessions of two students or more is provided at a discounted rate of $15 per hour, per student.

I can meet for sessions at your local library in areas of East County: La Mesa, Spring Valley, El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside, and Rancho San Diego.

My current availability for tutoring is 9am to 7pm, M-F.


Contact Information

To schedule a session or for further inquiries, contact Jen at:

Phone: 619-303-6228